EZ Clean Intake Grate 

Please note:
Few times do I recommend the EZ Clean jet intake grate for LoPro models. Most jet intake clogs can be cleared with a simple hand held rake while lying on the LoPro's rear casting deck. Not so for RiverPro models with no rear casting deck.
On my HiPro & HiPro XT models, while inside the craft, the taller transom makes raking the jet intake difficult. It can still be done, but it's cumbersome. I'd say 50% of HiPro customers opt for the EZ Clean Intake Grate. {module_photogallery,11556}
Clogs Happen...

I'm biased.  I see the Sport Jet thru rose colored glasses. For me, intake clogs are of little concern. With a bit of common sense, experience, and good operating skills, it should be of little concern to you.

That said, OB Jets may have the advantage when it comes to clearing intake clogs. Good thing they do, because they clog easier than the Sport Jet. Many intake clogs that shut down an OB Jet are barely noticeable with the Sport Jet.

Above, you'll notice the word "may". I said may, because 99% of Sport Jet Intake clogs, can be cleared with a simple downward stroke of the optional EZ Clean grate or a weed rake.

The other 1%? Well, that can be a bummer. Although there are several "tips" I can offer, there will be times you'll have to get in the water and clear the intake. Not a big deal in the summer. But if the water is cold, it could be a long idle back to the launch.

As of this writing, I have had to get wet only two times in the last five years. Both times 'I didn't have my "weed rake".

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