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RiverPro boats began as a dream. Kevin Turner, owner/operator of a successful auto body and retail tire business in Hillsboro, Missouri, was an avid river fisherman. Frustrated by the limited access of prop-driven boats to his favorite shallow-water hotspots, as well as the inefficient performance of outboard jet drive motors, he was compelled to design a specialized river fishing boat, powered by a more reliable jet propulsion system. Kevin set to work designing an all aluminum, all wel.. Read Entire Article

Used by permission of BASS/ESPN Productions, Inc by Darl Black A river is an unfriendly place. From the moment you hook a fish until you take it off the hook, nothing good can happen." That may sound harsh, but it's exactly what Kevin Turner tells anyone who climbs into his jet boat to go smallmouth fishing. Turner is owner of River Pro Jet Boats and one of the most dedicated river anglers you'll ever encounter. "I fish shallow, fast flowing rock-infested ri.. Read Entire Article

The Near Perfect Option For Shallow Water Rivers, Jet Boats For The Catfish Crowd - by Steve Hoffman I CAN’T IMAGINE A BETTER SPOKESMAN FOR JET boats than Kevin Turner. He ran a flotilla of jets on shallow, rocky rivers from Minnesota to Alabama for almost two decades before he decided to design & build his own. “Before I knew it,” Turner says, “I had a yard full of boats and a big decision to make. I was convinced that the boat was not only unlike anything else on the ma.. Read Entire Article

Conservation Officer Randy Posner, left, takes delivery of the Minnesota DNR's first RiverPro jet boat from Kevin Turner of RiverPro. The boat will be used to assist in river patrol duties in the Brainerd Lakes area. BRAINERD, MN... It’s fast. It’s stealthy. And it can go virtually anywhere on the river. This spring the Minnesota DNR at Brainerd took delivery of a new RiverPro jet boat to be used in river patrol dutie.. Read Entire Article


High Performance Jet Boats For Serious River Fishermen

A message from Kevin-

Up to my neck in alligators…
As much as it kills me to say it, I’m swamped. I mean totally swamped. Unfortunately, that means I’m going to have to postpone orders for new RiverPros until further notice. Yeah, I know that stinks, and the last thing I want to do is disappoint new customers, but I’m afraid I have no alternative right now. Remember: RiverPro Boats are built by specialized craftsmen in my shop — not a factory. 

The dog ate my homework… 
I’m all on board with the fact that lame excuses just don’t cut it, but let me explain. First of all, I’ve recently lost three key people due to unfortunate circumstances. Until I can replace them, I’m not able to produce the quality product customers expect in a RiverPro as quickly as I can with a full staff — and I flat out refuse to sacrifice one bit of quality or performance. Bad stuff comes in threes, right? Well there you go. 

Enough with the used boats already… 
And another thing: please don’t call me to ask my opinion on some used RiverPro in Poughkeepsie or Chattanooga you spotted on Craig’s List. I don’t know what condition they’re in or what the heck they’re worth or if they’re a good deal! Harsh? Maybe, however some folks just won't take "I'm sorry, I can't comment on boats I do not own" for an answer. All I know is that if it’s a RiverPro, it was a great boat when it rolled out of here. After that, you’re on your own. 

But here’s the good news… 
Take heart though. I promise I’ll deliver every single new RiverPro with absolutely no compromises in quality and performance. I give you my word you’ll drive away with the best darn jet boat on the water. 

Thanks so much for your interest in RiverPro, and rest assured this is only a temporary situation. I’ll be up and runnin’ full tilt again before long… as soon as I can fight off these doggone alligators!