MN DNR Gets RiverPro Jet Boat For Patrol Boat

RiverPro DNR Patrol Boat
Conservation Officer Randy Posner, left, takes delivery of the Minnesota DNR's first RiverPro jet boat from Kevin Turner of RiverPro. The boat will be used to assist in river patrol duties in the Brainerd Lakes area.

BRAINERD, MN... It’s fast. It’s stealthy. And it can go virtually anywhere on the river. This spring the Minnesota DNR at Brainerd took delivery of a new RiverPro jet boat to be used in river patrol duties.

Low, streamlined and highly maneuverable, the boat is designed to navigate the shallowest water, at high speeds if necessary. Propelled by a powerful water jet drive system, the RiverPro is capable of running in depths as shallow as four inches.

“This is just a perfect design for our river patrol efforts,” said Conservation Officer Randy Posner, who had spotted a RiverPro jet boat, owned by In-Fisherman, on the Mississippi River last fall and persuaded the DNR to purchase one.

“It’s definitely going to help us do our jobs better. We can get around more quickly and more safely, and we can get into places a prop boat just can’t navigate. And because it displaces less water, there’s less wake, which results in less harmful environmental impact in these sensitive shallow water areas.”

The DNR river patrol has numerous duties to perform on area rivers, from enforcing fishing, boating and safety regulations to performing emergency rescue operations.

“This is our first one,” said Posner, “but I predict you’ll be seeing a lot of these RiverPro boats patrolling Minnesota rivers in the future.”

Editor's Note:
As of August '05, the Minnesota DNR has taken delivery of their 11th RiverPro jet boat.